Most resources I’ve found that list the top SEO companies in Los Angeles or any city are usually based on reputation or estimated billings.  After seeing a thread on Reddit where a SEO vendor claimed to have a hard time finding clients despite being able to guarantee ranking clients in position 1, it got me thinking. A SEO company that knows what they are doing will probably do good work on their own site.

In this post, I tried to look at some of the top search companies in Los Angeles who offer SEO services and see who has had the most success implementing good Search Engine Optimization strategy on their own site.  After all, who’s business are they going to be most invested in?

I pulled a TON of data points on nearly 100 websites that were offering Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization services.  To rake the firms in this post, I am using Moz’s Domain Authority metric.  This is a common metric used to gauge how likely a site is to rank in Google’s search results.

I looked at almost 100 online marketing companies that ranked for terms related to Los Angeles SEO.  Most of the sites I looked at were found using Google searches since there was not an established list of the best Los Angeles search engine optimization companies that I was able to find.

Here is what I found.  This list isn’t necessarily going to represent the companies that you should do business with.  Since metrics like Domain Authority can be manipulated by people familiar with SEO tactics it is recommended that you ask SEO vendors for references, examples of previous projects and learn what work they would do on your site.   This list is only meant as a starting place to begin your search for a SEO vendor in the Los Angeles area.


The Top SEO Companies in Los Angeles Based on Domain Authority

1. Bruce Clay – 76

Located in Moorpark, CA Bruce Clay has had a presence in online marketing since 1996.  Bruce Clay has spoken at many well respected search marketing conferences and is an authority on the topic authoring multiple books on the topic.

2. Ciplex – 70

Ilya Pozin’s firm Ciplex  specializes in web design, but also offers internet marketing services including SEO.   Ilya writes for and which surely helps Ciplex’s domain authority.

3. iCrossing – 69

iCrossing is a large company with over 900 employees across 18 countries.  I’m not sure if it is fair to include them in this list, but since they have two offices in the Los Angeles area and have a very established presence I wanted to include them.

4. Bliss Drive – 66

It’s okay to include companies from Orange County in this list of LA companies, right?   Bliss Drive is headed by Richard Fong.  They are AdWords certified and can help with both paid and organic search.  Their BBB rating is clean and their Yelp page has five 5 star ratings.

5. JeTT Media Group – 60

Similar to a lot of the companies that made this list, JeTT does a lot more than just search engine marketing.  Their title tags all focus on website design and their portfolio is full of some seriously top tier clients.

6. E-Local Rank – 58

E-Local Rank‘s site was having trouble loading at the time of writing this.  I’ve visited the site a handful of time before and it loaded fine.   This firm is headed by Blake Cooley.  While they are 6th on this list of top search engine optimization companies in Los Angeles, you might want to check a few references before hiring this company.  They have a good Domain Authority, but the second listing on a search for the firm’s name is a Ripoff Report page.   Regardless, they might not be the firm to secure for a reputation management project.

7. IT Chair – 54

IT Chair is an internet marketing firm headed by Ashkan Sobhe and headquartered on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles.  Their list of clients is impressive, with highlights like Honda, Toyota and UCLA.  The firm has little activity on Google+, an impressive number of Facebook likes with low levels of engagement and lots of Twitter followers.  A quick check on Status People shows that 85% of these Twitter followers are fake.

When consulting with a social media company it is important to ask how they plan to target followers for your profile.  Some social media schemes can make it difficult for your profiles to be found by actual customers.

8. Coalition Technologies – 52

Coalition Technologies  is a LA based SEO and Web Design firm.  On their site they say they have serviced over 300 clients in a 4 year time span with a 97% retention rate and 99% satisfaction rate. This is very impressive!

The firm was started in 2009 by Joel Gross in Los Angeles.  In 2011 his brother opened a second office in Seattle.  Coalition Technologies has one of the better looking websites on this list however, it has been a few months since they’ve updated either Facebook or Twitter.

9. Sticky Web Media – 51

Sticky Web Media is headed by Tony Tateossian.  It appears that the firm has been around since 2006 and while their Facebook page hasn’t been updated since 2010, it appears that they are still in business servicing clients.

10. ATAK – 47

SEO is just one of the services offered by ATAK.  The firm also does a lot of work in web design, ecommerce and broader aspects of marketing.


If these top 10 Los Angeles SEO Companies were not enough for you, here are a 5 more SEO companies to check out

11. Noxster - 46

12. Promoting Group – 45

13. Emarketed – 45

14. Milestone - 44

15. Blue SEO - 44


I will return to this list to expand with some of the other metrics I collected including links and social media metrics.

There are a LOT of consultants, companies and agencies that specialize in SEO in the Los Angeles area.  If I missed any that you know of that should be on this list, let me know at  The summaries of each company above were based off a little research online.  If I included any inaccurate info or you would like anything adjusted, please let me know.


Click here for a full glossary of SEO terminology.